Monday, September 16, 2013

China a victim or an aggressor?

Be your own judge.

Opium Wars.


China is not an aggressor contrary to the popular belief in the USA. Study history.

* Opium Wars.
About 300 years ago. China was semi colonized and bankrupted China by the 8 allies who helped the Brits to push opium to China. A nation pushing opium!

* WW2. Japanese were war crimes to China and many Asian countries. Japanese leaders still pay respect to these criminals every year. It is similar to German paying respect to Hitler.

* Outer Mongolia was granted independent by the Russians who are no friends to Mongolians but want to have a buffer zone.

* A brief war with Vietnam and another one with India. The boundary line between India and China was drawn by a British General who sided with India.

* The disputed island with Japan should belong to Taiwan. Take a look at the proximity in any global map.

* How many times China sent troops overseas and how many times the USA did last year?

If we do not learn from history, we will repeat history.

China has been bullied in the last 300 years and many label China aggressor. Stay in facts and history.

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