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Afterthoughts: Nanjing Massacre


1.       This chapter and the last one illustrate that China is a victim instead of an oppressor to the world as wrongfully depicted by the West.

2.       Japan does not welcome immigrants even they are having serious problems in their aging population. Do they believe other races are inferior or they’re afraid of the revenges from their victims? 

3.       Most Chinese would agree with me. Actually most human beings should. I hope the Japanese especially this generation would find out more about the history not from their distorted text book censored by their government. I hope at least one Japanese would respond to my post. We can never learn if we just sweep any shameful history under the rug.

Let bygones be bygones after we reflect on history. I adore Japanese’s high education, hard work ethics, public behavior (especially on how they react to the disaster), culture and food. I have nothing against a nation but how the war was started, the war criminals and how the Japanese want to ignore history.

4.       The pictures in this link ( are gruesome.

5.       I do not blame some old folks whose families have been killed by Japanese for not buying any Japanese products for life. Again, we should not pass our hatred to the next generation.

6.       They had sex tours for Japanese males to countries in Asia. The Japanese women seem not to object at least openly. Is this part of your shameful culture or better that silence is golden? Wake up and fight for your rights.

I have never met most of the following folks who commented to my post.

7.       Hklcn wrote:

TonyP4 has a right to complain @ any perceived wrong done.

I support TonyP4 point considering the Japanese still maintain that they did nothing wrong. Unlike Germany that's paid perhaps $1 trillion in compensation to holocaust survivors, apologized and built monuments to victims, the Japanese cosseted by the yanks due to anger at the communist victory over the U.S. backed Chiang Kai Shek, U.S. hatred of Communist China and let the Japanese off the hook on all counts.

Those people are still paying homage to their Class A war criminals. Should the Germans worship Hitler, Goebbels?

Justice shows leniency for a contrite person. If Japan doesn't think that it did anything wrong, might it not repeat those actions again?

8.       Steve L:

One thing that I want to point out is that war is a terrible thing that would turn people into more than an animal.

I have been to Poland, Cambodia, Vietnam, France etc. (visiting those they called historical places- in reality, people that should not die there). In particular, I visited the 731 Chemical Unit in Shangtung 12 years ago. Ever since that day, I do not own any Japanese product except now I still have a Sony TV that was 18 years old.

Do you know that the Emperor of Japan was spared from prosecution by General MacArthur as a war criminal on condition that he handed in the secret research papers that they performed in China? That is the reason why Japan and the U.S. are the leading countries in cosmetic surgeries and skin products. So next time, ladies, if you put on your makeup, please consider that the blood of the Chinese people may play part of it to glorify your appearance.

I have this “love hate relationship” of the Japanese people. I guess it is quite difficult to define. I love their patriotism, judo, cleanliness, royalties, but not their savage way towards Chinese.

It is however sad for us that we had a corrupt government (if we had one), and everybody was so selfish and cared only for their wealth (Tony: the poor cannot afford to be nice and patriotic?).

I can never imagine that a troop of 10,000 Japanese marines that can march to Nanking; and 5,000 British marines could march to Beijing during the Opium War (Tony: at the end of Ming, the farmer army marched to Beijing with 1 million soldiers).

Those are the national disgrace that can never, never be repeated. We learned from history, and trust that the leaders will never follow the previous mistakes that we made. Most importantly, it should be PEACE that will harmonize everything.

9.       Hzzz says:

For those who are unsure about the immunity deal between U.S. and Japan after WWII

Cover up.

As the war came to an end, the Japanese surrendered and the U.S. moved in to run the country’s affairs, the officers and scientists responsible were never brought to trial.

The U.S. military got wind of what the Japanese had been working on and immediately grasped two points: They would never be able to conduct that type of human experimentation at home. And that the research had to be kept from the Russians at all costs.

So the U.S. cut the Japanese officers a deal: Immunity from prosecution for war crimes in return for experimental data.

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