Friday, September 13, 2013


I've a good laugh while reading an old joke  on life in 2009 (

We have big changes in the last three years. This is the iGeneration with every one carrying an iPhone or an iPad (folks in the lower society class carry imitators and/or those 'outdated' iPhones and iPads that are several months old). J

My grandchild of just over one year old has a good time in playing with the iPad and it would keep her busy for hours. Before she could say Mommy, she said I for iPad.

When my cousins gather for social/family events, they communicate with each other via their smart phones even if they sit next to each other. When they do not text messages, they play games with their smart phones.

Even with one pair of eyes and one pair of ears, they can play iPad, listen to iPod, text using iPhone and watch iTV at the same time.  Incredible and that's why China and India are leaving us further and further behind. Thanks Apple for demonstrating what multi tasking is. I prefer to do one task correctly than five tasks incorrectly.

Kids will develop big fingers particularly the second one and the thumb, fast eyes with thick glasses, and bent backs. They will be fatter, smarter as a child but dumb in later life, and lack social skills. It is a double-edged sword.

We have to see whether it is a blessing or another addictive habit in disguise. We may have developed the modern-day Trojan Horse – give them to Iran and N. Korea free.

Can't wait for the next three years!

P.S. Some parents of our generation have a hard time to explain to their children that their existence was due to the blackout of the iPad and iPhone caused by the recent hurricanes.  On the bright side, it is Apple’s way to control global population.

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