Thursday, February 2, 2017

On today's news

* Expect a 1% interest hike for the entire year; a new president will not raise it too much. The small hike will not influence the market compared to the strong USD.

* Iran could boost the oil price (and gold too). Traders will have a fun time.

Watch how Trump would resolve the conflicts of interest. I know Trump has a lot of investment in Saudi and Turkey.

* H1B will not make a big difference to me. However, moving many research centers/assembly centers will. India, China, even the small Ireland will benefit. India and China make them a requirement in order to sell stuffs there. To illustrate, the salary of an engineer with a BS degree can pay for four Indian Ph.Ds. Most big programming projects I know have gone to India 10 years ago.

I do not see any immediate solutions. Our education system does not provide enough qualified engineers/programmers. Our regulations protect our workers and our environment. We're the victims of our success.

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