Monday, February 6, 2017

Humble pie

Falcons is a great team. Obviously the coach and the team did a great job in the first 3 quarters. Will the combination perform the same as Bill-Tom era? Wait and see.

Many 'stars' from the winner will be gone for more money including Jimmy, the backup QB. Bill has to train new players and he has to settle for lower draft picks as before.

Bill's system is simple: Work hard, check out all possibilities and eat humble pies - nothing different from investing or any thing we do in life.

James White should deserve MVP.

I played Candy Crush until the Pats scored a TD. I do not have the mental power - guilty as charged.


Even if the Pats lost, it would be a win to me as they never give up.

Falcons did not use up the clock due to the few third down completions which in turn could be due to the strong Pats' defense. During the 4Q, Falcons should not pass the ball. Tom-Bill never depend on luck although there is some to me.

The catch from 3 surrounding Falcons is quite impressive and I compared it to the catch by Seahawks 2 years ago

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