Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On Hong Kong's x-governor guilty on corruption

So far, all democratic countries/cities in Asia except Japan are corrupt.

Until recently, S. Korea and Hong Kong were not but they are now. Their citizens are better educated and the press is freer. So, the two recent cases are not the typical as in Philippines and the defunct S. Vietnam.

The contribution of British colonial government in Hong Kong is suppressing corruption (from police to start) by setting an independent agency - China, take notes.

It is less "corrupt" in non-democratic countries. With communism, every one makes the same, and hence there is no extra money to pay bribes.

Corruption = Man w power + Man w money

For example, the local state government officials give the job for a new tunnel to a favored company. In return, they get money under the table.

We do have corruptions, termed as American style. Too many to list here. How do you think the Presidents' children get their jobs or the x-government employees after they are laid off due to changing political party? They are the returns of favors. Under Hong Kong's law, all these US folks would go to jail.

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