Saturday, June 3, 2017

Modern math

From my family, I know 1 + 1 = 4.

Just in case you're dumber than I (IMHO, no one is), the other 2 are children. It is applied math.
In China, it is 3 due to the one child's policy.

H B 1 should be H B N, when the HB1 brings in his family and grand parents. Again, applied math. Yes, politically correct if not bringing all the relatives. (Editor: H B1 should be H-1B). Joke of the day.

Our kids will develop big fingers, quick mind but small brains. Do not worry, we still have Zuckerberg... and all the lawyers to defend us as the article says.

Read an interest article comparing US and China (one run by lawyers and the other by engineers). If we do not know what's wrong with this great (at least once) country, how can we know how to fix it?

While their 10-year-old Chinese programs video games, our kids play video games all day long.
Wake up as enemies are at the gate!!!!

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