Saturday, June 3, 2017

12 noon is not 12 pm - a recycled joke

No news on China is good news for China.

Joke of the day

12 noon is not 12 pm

The Chinese restaurant I went to says they open at 12 am. Are they wrong or the world is wrong?
The next hour from 11 am is 12 am, NOT 12 pm. The one who set it up did it totally wrong and no one complains until now. If I were born earlier, I would have corrected it. If I were born here, I would be the president and every one would have a job by now.

The same if I stayed with the Fed (I actually worked for them briefly and I still had the key to the executive rest room to prove it), we would not have this financial mess today.

Or, if I played for the Celtics (I need two more feet or I play guard and was born decades later), they would be in the final this year.

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