Saturday, April 26, 2014

On drugs

A post to Seeking Alpha:
One of my 12 ways to cut down the health care system.


7. Cut down the expensive drug marketing (such as giving money / goodies to doctors).

Personally I know doctors receiving free golf trips to the most expensive golf courses for the entire family. They also got unlimited lobsters in medical conventions in Boston. Should doctors receive the 'lecture fees' giving phony lectures or sales pitches in return of recommending the drugs or prescribing to their patients?

Guess who end up paying for all these goodies eventually?
We have bribe too here but in a disguised way. How come all those drug pushers are always beautiful and trying to make 'dates' with the doctors? How come there are some many articles against aspirins? 

For the next decades, most new drugs will be discovered in China or India. The drug companies will still be US and Europe. It is too expensive to develop a drug here, too many regulations, too many red tapes, too expensive scientists, too few mouses (if not served as food in India and China :)).

This is one of the few industries we have an edge and should not be killed by the government.

Without advertising, how would I know I do not have to call 911 as my plumbing still function endlessly less than 4 hours? :)

The legalized drug would help many such as cancer sufferers to ease the pain. However, it would be damaging to younger generation in addiction. See what happened to China about 300 years ago on the Opium Wars (when Brits were the drug pushers as a nation).


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