Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bad business decisions

I have so many bad experiences recently. I bet their competitors do the same, so I do not want to show the names of the offending companies if I have an option.

*         My car problem.
I could not take the key out from my ignition switch all the time. It is a new car from one of the two major Japanese car manufacturers. They honestly acknowledged it was a common problem for my model. After several unsuccessful fixes and giving me goodies such as free oil change, I called the service manager and yelled at him it was THEIR problem not mine.

Finally, it was fixed with a solenoid costing about $5. What a waste of time, theirs and mine. This customer will not be happy and they still have to spend the $5 plus the oil change and all the free apples I can pocket. I still have not received my customer satisfaction survey.

·*        I received a letter from my one of my funds asking me to respond so it will not be treated as an abandoned property. The checks of the dividends and the capital gains must have been cashed by a ghost. I responded by closing the account.

·         I was lured to another cable company for their generous offer. I asked my current cable company to match the same deal and they refused. I switched. Since then and 5 years later, I still received their junk mails offering better offers I cannot ‘refuse’. Cut down many trees in the process.

*       My Sunday paper raised the price to $5. It is a dying industry as I got all my news from TV and the web. I quickly cancelled my subscription. Since then, they have left many messages and sent me junk mails almost once a week. If they did not raise the price, I would have stayed with them. Try to squeeze the last milk from a dying cow.

*      I had a reader telling me to improve my writing style. I asked him whether he followed the book’s technique to accumulate cash before the correction in August, 2015. He did not and he is supposed to be a keen business man. Wrong objective for buying a book on investing!

   My ‘favorite’ charity called me 8 times for donations. I will not donate via them again. I hate to be disturbed during dinner.

*    I want to know how all the three market indexes, oil and gold are doing at least once a day. Cnnfn.com now ‘hides’ this information in order to show their programmer can do a fancy job without caring what the customer wants. For me, just switch to another web site.

*     I almost missed my connecting flight to Boston in Toronto. First, why I have to clear custom in a foreign country? Second, why the old process took minutes and this one takes almost an hour. The designer must have to change the system so s/he can hire more employees or just had too many drinks during lunch.

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