Monday, August 17, 2015

'Reviews' and reviews

As of 8/17/2015, I do not know any reviewers on my books in and I have donated all my profits from my books to charities.

One reviewer gave a five stars (the best) on my book Profit from 2016 Market Crash but another one gave 1 star (the worst). How could it be? The bad review could be written by a writer with similar book or some one very biased on me. If you're biased against me or me being Asian, do not read my books as you cannot learn from someone you do not respect. Writing books is not my income source but my desire to share my experiences with my friends.

One book on sector rotation has many good reviews. It is only 35 pages compared to my book Sector Rotation that has 265 pages and they are in the same price range. It must be reviewed by his friends and family members.

Some reviews are constructive and I have made changes. Here are some.

* Jumping from one topic to another in the Art of Investing.
- It is hard to avoid as it covers many topics on investing with over 700 pages (about the size of 3 books). The intent of use is for reference. However, sections group all related chapters.

- Fillers initially are included to take out the blanks in the printed book. Kindle readers may not object. I deleted some if they are in the middle of the article that would disturb the flow of reading.

* English is my second language. If you want to improve your investment skills, my books are for you. If you;re looking for good English, look elsewhere.

One best seller told the readers to exit the market in 2009, the best time to make money. My chart or another technique without charts tells you to stay in the market even there are false signals (telling you to exit but shortly telling you to reenter the market). Do not be fooled by good English, famous authors, PhDs... That could cost you money!

Return the book (check Amazon's return policy) if it is not for you. The return rate is getting less and less (actually none this month). Most of my books are not for very beginners. Otherwise, half of the book could include basic knowledge that would be boring for most readers.

If  you find the book is useful, write a review. If you feel otherwise, please let me know. I will make changes and hopefully the Kindle version will be available for free download in the future.

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