Monday, August 3, 2015

A 20 year old couch

Went to shop for couch yesterday. It has been 20 years or even older. If it is not my friend pointing it out the old age of this couch and my HD TV, I'm still happy with them; I do not need stuffs to show my wealth. When HD was introduced, Comcast gave me $200 credit to buy it. It works perfectly except there is a faint hair on the screen on complete white background. Have some sentiment on the old sofa and TV. They will be out in the street and will be part of our environmental damage.

If I remember correctly, my old TV was $1300 after 200 credit. The TV I'm looking for is about the same size and costs about $1,200. After inflation adjusted, it is a big bargain similar to most electronic stuffs.

During the tax holiday, I bought a 4K TV and a section couch. The total price is about half my coming vacation to Europe. The vacation will last for two weeks or so (except the long-lasting memories) and the TV and couch last for another decade and I use them every day. Set priority in spending!

After reading a bad review on the couch made in China despite the very comfortable recliner, I switched to Jordan's furniture. They gave me double the tax rebate I bought several hours before the tax holiday. I used the sleeper feature of my old couch ONCE - a very poor investment. It is similar bad to invest in the cruise control in my car.

There are several 'advances' on TV. Most I do not need. Curved TV could give me a headache. 3D is a fad (could be exception for playing games). 60 inch TV is fine for our family room, but too big when we move to a smaller house.  I do need LCD due to the bright light after cutting some trees. The selling point is they will haul my heavy 57" with CRT technology away free.

TV advance is good for us. Marketing on the inferior Chinese products is bad for consumers.   


Now the TV and the beautiful TV stand are ready for enjoyment.

The TV was advertised one $100 cheaper while looking a TV for my son. Best Buy adjusted the price for me. At one time they offered a $300 sound bar free with this TV. I do not need one as it is connected to my sound system. There are three minor problems.

1. Cannot connect to the network. After power down and up, it works for no reason.

2. This TV does not adjust to Standard Definition (non-HD channels) as Sony and my Element do. Need to adjust it with the customized function.

3. Remote is a must as they're no other way to change channels for example.

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  1. Hi, I know that your sofa is old, but have you thought about getting it professionally cleaned? This may bide you a bit of time while you look for a new one. I have my sofa professionally cleaned every year by a local cleaning company. It makes it last that little but longer as well. Good luck in your search.

    Bennie Dixon @ Safeclean Wandsworth