Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Help Nepal

Hi Colleagues,

Most of my profits have been donated to Oxfam (recently to the earthquake victims in Nepal). Oxfam has one of the best payout percents to victims. Hope the books would improve your financial health and at the same time help the victims. The following books are recommended. 
     1.    The Art of Investing. The Kindle version has 720 pages (6*9) covering most topics in investing. Most other books have duplicate chapters from this book.

2.    Profit from 2016 Market Crash. A timely topic. Including proven techniques to time the market. My best seller.

3.    Modern Security Analysis: Simple and Effective. Use it together with classic books on the same topic. New book.

4.    How to be a billionaire. A perfect gift to recent college graduates. New book.

Some of my other popular books are: Profitable Sector Rotation, Debunk the Myths in Investing, SuperStocks, Finding Stocks and Swing Trading.
Click on the above links to get more information from If you do not have a Kindle, you can load the Kindle reader to your PC or order the hard copy version.


Tony Pow, the author

P.S. Please share this link in social networks and emails to obtain more relief funds to the victims. TP

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