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Why I believe this book is the best on Market Timing


In Oct., 2022, I searched for books on “Market Crash Kindle” under Amazon. They are listed in the same order except my book “Market Crash of 2022: How to profit”.





Kindle $1

Paper $

My Book










Market crash





Wealth unbroken





Smart investor





Stock market crash in 2022





Quick guide to stock market crashes
















1  From Amazon on size and prices as of 10/2022. From Word and on 10/2022, my book has about 300 pages (6*9). Subject to change without notice. The current version should have more  than 368 pages.


·         My book is one of the above two books  that have the lowest cost per page. One book has a small paragraph in each page.


Market crash of 2022: How to profit from it:


·         Do not let the size of the book scare you. It has included 3 more books for future reading and they are Market Timing, Technical Analysis and introduction to Sector Rotation.


·         Besides my book, only two of the above are published in 2022.


·         When the book has only 50 or fewer pages, it cannot describe this serious subject in detail.


·         I have read all of these books. Initially, I would like to include some of the good points to my book. I cannot find any or they have been included already in my book.


·         I seriously doubt the ratings. One book is just junk to me, but it received a lot of high ratings. Buy my book and return it (check Amazon’s return policy) if you do not find it useful.


·         How many authors can claim the following? I had about 80% return in 2009. I had a similar return in 2001, but I did not keep the statement for proof. Be warned that many books were written by authors who may have never made money in the stock market.


My motivation to write this book is to share my experiences, both bad and good. I provide simple-to-follow techniques using the free (or low-cost) resources available to us. I have been successful in investing for decades. I am enjoying a comfortable financial life. If you are looking for ways to make 100% return overnight, there are many other books claiming to do so, and this book may not be for you. This book describes how to be a ‘turtle’ investor making a fortune gradually and surely.

Monday, October 17, 2022

The market crash of 2022: How to profit

 As of Oct. 14 , 2022, the market has been crashing and the S&P index has lost about 23% year-to-date . Will it continue? What actions  should we take to respond to the current market? This book tries to answer these questions in my personal view.

If you followed my simple market timing (Death Cross and described in Chapter 3) that requires no charting, you should have left the market in March, 2022; I am guilty as charged by leaving the market too early. When you have more time, a more detailed section (Book 2 that is included in this book) is available.

Most retail investors do not return the market when it recovers. I did well in the last two (2000 and 2008). The simple market timing also tells us when to return (Golden Cross) in Chapter 3. Most of my profits were due to returning to the market in recovery of the last two market crashes (Chapter 15).

Unlike the other two market crashes, this market fluctuates a lot and the market timing could give us false signals; in most cases we do not lose money except tax consequences for non-retirement accounts by reversing our actions.

Today conservative investors should accumulate cash. CDs (Common Tools, Chapter 11) is a good vehicle to park your money.

Aggressive investors can buy contra ETFs and even shorting stocks (Common Tools, Chapter 7 and Appendix 4 for ETFs). The momentum of a stock can be determined by technical analysis (Book 3) and Sector Rotation (the bonus Book 4).  

My earlier books described how expensive FAANG stocks were (Chapter 8) and how to rip the profits by using trailing stops. When the market recovers, they could be candidates.

There are also good stocks in any market. There are few in the current market. They usually make good profits year after year. At least, put them in a buying list and buy them when the market recovers.

When the market recovers (indicated by Golden Cross), buy beaten down stocks (low RSI(14)) that have potentials and/or are fundamentally sound (low debt and profitable). It is described in Common Tools, Chapter 8).

Inflation hedge is described in Common Tools, Chapter 10. I believe oil (USO) and energy stocks should surge after the midterm election if not already if OPEC continues cutting production.

Sector rotation (Common Tools, Chapter 9) should include contra ETFs.

The Ukraine war (Chapter 11) seems not to be over soon. The EU, especially Germany, will suffer most economically. Hence, we may want to buy a contra ETF on EU. Besides citizens in Ukraine, many folks in poor countries will starve to death. If you made money by buying defense stocks, please donate some of your ‘loots’ to these folks.

We do not sell China chips and similar products. I expect this sector will recover soon, but it will face tough competition from China in the 2027 time frame.

Will Vietnam and India replace China in global manufacturing? My ETF on Vietnam has not performed well for many years. I have serious doubt about bringing some manufacturing back home. Our wages, education, regulations, environment… prevent us from doing so.

From my estimate, the market has always been profitable on a year before the election since WW2 (the included Book 2, Section IV). Will 2023 be the exception? Only time can tell.

Initial date:    10/2022.
Size:               250 pages (6*9).

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The following are my best books,

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Market crash of 2022: How to profit from it:

The first five books share many chapters. If you have one of them, you do not need the other three.